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Art NXT Level: Sergio and Yanina Gomez

Art NXT (Next) Level by Sergio Gomez and Yanina Gomez11011744_848946038488191_8764425069756006123_n

This excellent program offers professional development courses for artists at all levels in their art career. From learning effective strategies to maintaining a successful studio practice to creating killer exhibition proposals to move your art forward. Art NXT (Next) Level courses will help you design a practical and well balanced plan to grow your art practice efficiently. Here, you will also find marketing ideas, coaching, strategic sessions and practical advice to live a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. Taking Your Art Career to the Next Level offers tools, resources, business strategies, marketing ideas, coaching, and practical advice to help contemporary artists manage and advance their art careers. It consists of webinars, podcasts, on-site workshops, speaking engagements, technology applications, online resources, eBooks, blogs, and affiliate programs.

These webinars and podcast has been tremendously useful and enlightening. You get to hear other artist and their experiences related to becoming a successful artist. I personally love this program and Sergio and Yanina has done a great job capturing what artist need in becoming a successful artist entrepreneur.


Natural Born Artist are RAW!!!!!

RAW Showcase is amazing, and its an exciting and overwhelming display of creativity in one room. FASHION | MUSIC | VISUAL ART | PHOTOGRAPHY | PERFORMING ART | MAKEUP | HAIR | ACCESSORIES | FILM.  I have the pleasure and opportunity to be one of the Next Featured Artist in the RAW Showcase on September.5th at the Double Door. Here are some of the other artist that’s displaying their impeccable skills sets.

Red & Reckless
Isaiah Grass
chicago-translations-1Morris Mills
The Fireside Silhouettes
Urban Twang

Lilith Moon
Judah & The Spoox

Cranky Pickle
April Montiel
Varon Osorio

Peri Monday
Tracy Rolkosky
Bass Structures
Voodoo Paint
Arturo Fresan
Lee Huttner
Emily Hufford
James Nelson
Kate Goodwillie
Natalia Virafuentes
Jesus Monsivais
Kate Tillman
Tim L
Dana Todd Pope

Aubrey Rose
Gracie Hagen
Britt Fowler
Tony Jacobs
Derrick Alexander

Directed by: Kara J. Coraci
RAW Team: John Cousert, Anthony Rizzo, Victoria Messina, Maddy Willms, Nicole Verheye


RAW:natural born artists ( is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. RAW operates identically in over 60 cities internationally and in Australia!

Each month we hand-select and feature approximately 30 local, up-and-coming creatives in one big showcase including a giant pop-up art gallery, music performances, fashion shows, performing arts, a host, DJ, cash bar, and more. Come check out some of the hottest indie talent Chicago has to offer!

Want to apply to be a RAW Chicago artist? Go to and submit a profile for review by our local director!


Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60622

View Map · Get Directions

To buy tickets: $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door

ZAPP into Events in your Area…

Hello everyone, so I’ve been very occupied, and really trying to focus on participating in events.    So I saw an artist call event on Craiglist (which is another great resource for artist) located in the artist community section.  I clicked on the link and it directed me to a Special Event Management page.  I began to read the description about the event and it directed me to another link.   So finally, I was brought to a website called ZAPP®. This site basically enables you as an artist to apply to multiple events in your local area. There are no fees to sign up, it’s totally free. I thought this was an amazing resource. Especially for those artist looking for an event to sell, get exposure, and network amongst the hundreds or thousands of people.  Of course to participate in these spectacular events you must pay a fee for a booth.  Now, if there’s no indication in the description that you cannot share a booth.  Call a fellow artist and share the booth by splitting the rental fee. There’s nothing like sharing. So check out the site, sign up, and give it a whirl. 




Artist are you being Harassed…

The piece I have above is called ” More Than A Woman”. It’s a piece that conveys a message about how women are being harassed by strangers in the streets. Which occurs on a daily basis. I’ve seen young men call young girls everything besides their name. This creates a process of lowering someone self esteem, productivity, and behavior. Which leads me to my article about harassment.

So I’ve been picked on (harassed) every since childhood due to my vivid imagination. I was always talked about because I actually thought I had super human strength, or made strange noises, and even (I love this one) fought the wind (I’d prefer practicing karate). Anyways, I was that guy. I never thought that having an imagination was a big concern. However, growing up on the west side of Chicago was a huge difference than being up north. Then again, being a black male up north wasn’t all that exciting either. But let’s stay focused on being an artistically comical fun driven young teen raised in the “hood”.

It was different…well I was different to my peers. I talked, dressed, and my behavior was different. I perceived and noticed the difference so I decided to blend in…. or at least try.  While everyone was wearing Karl Kani Jeans, Pelle Pelle, and “Jordans”. I was wearing a Payless shoe brand called “HEADS”. I even went so far as to draw the Karl Kani logo on a pair of khakis. It was only until I began to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Graffiti Bubble letters that pulled me into the in crowd.  I was accepted more willingly every time I drew something that my peers could relate to.  It was good feeling of relief… a sense of comfort (fitting in).

In these times who wants to fit in? This is the age of trendsetting, doing your own thing…more like trendscending. This is not an error in spelling either. Trendscending is to go beyond and surpass the current trends.  @Fulltime_Khanyi said it best on his blog at

Go Above, Go Beyond, Onto The Next Level, Make It To The Highest

  • Trend Setter: A leader of the pack who has a sense of Fashion, Style, Music.  Someone who everyone else follows.
  • Transcend: To be greater than standard, unity, truth, and goodness.

Trendsetter + Transcend = TrendScend

Follow him and his blog: @Fulltime_Khanyi

Many individuals have a fear to do something different or irregular. So they criticize and judge. It’s displeasing to hear some of the critiques I hear on a daily basis. Especially within the workplace. So I did some research and there are laws that protect those from being harassed…it’s called Workplace Harassment. This is a federal law and if  violated by a co-worker or manager could led to termination. Unlawful harassment is a form of discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal authority.

This information called be viewed on So my artist friends if you’re being harassed because of your attire, hairstyle, speech, etc. Please inform that person that if they persist. You’re going to tell your manager on them. HA!


Hey my follow artist!!! If you’re like me looking to get exposure, one way to do that is to look for artist calls. Artists Call is a popular resource and is a great way to find and participate in events.  It gives you the  opportunities to  display your artwork, and it also provides a platform of networking within different galleries,  organizations, and agencies. Sounds great right?  I’ve found another way to get your foot in the door is by participating in an artist residence program, but I’ll touch on that topic on a later date.  I’m going to have a category primarily for this issue. I know I’m late, but better late than never. There are many organizations looking and in need of an artist in different mediums.  So don’t hesitate to think otherwise or you’ll be missing out on great opportunities.

Here’s a quick tip: In your search engine type in Call for artist in your city or surrounding areas and watch the searches flow.


Chicago Artist Resource was within my top searches for Calls for Artist.  Which is in my artist resource list . They have a list of Artist Calls every month and is of great use. Here’s a link and details of a new art gallery in Wicker Park wanting new artist. Hey, perhaps we shall cross paths.

Also, if you’re reading this and have an artist call of your own or if you have a job(service) that you want done. Please submit your artist call by sending me an email.

BLICK Huge Sale in April

DICKBLICK. I know that name sounds very funny, but let me tell you. BLICK  is the artist supply dreamland. I was driving and calling all over Chicago to get a pair Canvas Pliers. Now if you’re stretching your own canvas, this tool is sincerely needed. You can use your bare hands, but the canvas will not be tight enough.

So I called one of my favorite stores…Hobby Lobby.  I kindly asked the representative if they sold canvas pliers for stretching canvas. She stated that they did not sell that item, but we do have canvas. Then I called Michaels, and I was 90% sure that they had what I needed so I went to Michaels without even calling. And with great disappointment, another one of my favorite stores did not have the item I was looking for. So something clicked in my mind and said BLICK! Let’s see what has to offer. I first called that New location on SAIC Campus. The representative told me that they didn’t sell it. However, the location downtown sells it. So I thought again about the Michaels scenario, and was thinking about the previous disappointment. Then my next option would be to search on Ebay or Amazon for the most affordable price, then wait about a week to receive the product.  So my first thought was To Hell with waiting….I want these pliers NOW!

So I drove to the downtown location on 42 S. State St. OMG!!!!! I was in Art Heaven…this place has everything a successful artist need. They have an overwhelming array of merchandise on the first and upper level. I was AMAZED….paints, canvas, brushes, projectors, wood panels, easels, and of course canvas pliers. Also, they are having a Mega Sale called the  BLICK Spring SALE. Paints will be 30-60% OFF. BLICK Museum Canvas 70% OFF. Selected Easels up to 70% Off. They are also having a FREE Class on Stretching Canvas.  Before I forget, while I was writing I just remembered how this thought came to mind about BLICK. I was having an art chat with Martha Wade. You can also check out her phenomenal work on her blog at Thank you Martha.  So please check out or find a local store in your area and be astonished. I know I was…

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