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Hey! Long time…

Wow! It’s been a long time since I made a blog post. I’ve been all over the place. I’ve started a new brand customizing trimmers called Artisan Bladez, working on a new solo show in May, and still cutting hair (which has been so demanding). Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I still work a 9-5. I recently had a baby boy….he’ll be 2 months in 10 days. He’s such a handsome kid, and he’s so alert. The first night I brought him home he actually scanned the bedroom to seek approval of his new home. It was like he’d been here before. Does anyone believe in reincarnation? I’m not quite sure if I believe in reincarnation, since I was raised to believe in another philosophy. However, I’ve been doing research and opening my spectrum of understanding by keeping an open mind.

In May, I plan to have an exhibition at NYCH Art Gallery. This will be my 3rd solo exhibition there. The concept is a bit vague, but I’m on the path to making clarifications. Sometimes I either make the concept too simple or it becomes to vast. That’s where I tend to over think an idea and that places my brain on “overload”. However, the concept is formed around the beauty and essence of AFROPUNK, but with a twist. So look out for that on May 12th.

Which brings me to explain the long hiatus on my blog. The other day one of my colleagues and I was chatting a bit and we somehow came across my blog. I stated that I was looking for someone to aid me with my blog. Because I felt I didn’t have the time to write or get more content. He addressed to me that my blog was no longer a blog, but just a website collecting spam. At first I was surprise and a bit offended that he said such words, but then it struck a fire in me. I mean, I’ve created Soulful Artistry with compassion and great enthusiasm in the beginning, but I haven’t written anything in a year…or two (What Happened!?!). He also stated that I should reflect on more forms of artistry, and not just visual art. NOW! When he said that. I started thinking I could incorporate and describe what I’m doing in my other brands as well. That got me more motivated to start writing again and bring back Soulful Artistry. I guess I need to hear some words like that to get me off my feet.  Gotta stay consistent and stay focused on the reward.

This is going to be another great journey.

Also, if you haven’t been able to capture the Farewell 44 Exhibit which is being displayed at NYCH Art Gallery, at 643 W. 18th st. You still got time. It’s showing from NOW until April.

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