LOVE to SIN…Right?


This piece created by LoSIN Teecal Chicago Artist James Nelson is called “LOVE to SIN”. This piece will be featured in his first Solo Exhibit on January 11th at the NYCH Art Gallery x Robotic Minds Collaborative located in the Art District Area at 643 S. 18th street.This work is composed of Acrylic on Canvas..

“We Hate the Devil, but we Love to Sin” are the words inscribed in the background. In order to see these words it must to “Illuminated” with a light source of course. In my journey of spirituality or seeking GOD, I’ve experience such a massive degree of separation with religion(s). It bothered me that when we (humanity) seek a divine relationship with an Omnipresence or Universal entity there’s a catch. In Christianity you must accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Believing this you are “saved or delivered”. Then you must be baptized. Why is this necessary to do in order to have a connection with GOD. WHY?

Also, (quick thought) if you SIN you’re going to HELL. That’s scary isn’t it? Raised in the church seeing images of fiery flames on my skin, and demons tearing me limb from limb everyday. PLEASE SAVE ME NOW!!!! This doctrine that promotes FEAR and CONTROL also disturbs me but that’s another topic.

I have came to understand that the “Universal GOD” dwells within me and in every one of us. We have a choice to believe this and know that we have the same abilities of creation as the creator. The power of manifestation through in us all.

3 thoughts on “LOVE to SIN…Right?

  1. Counsel4Living says:

    This is an incredible work of art… impressive.

  2. James Nelson says:

    Thank you…Please come to the exhibit on 1-11-13 to see more.

  3. Counsel4Living says:

    Checking my calendar…

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