Art NXT Level: Sergio and Yanina Gomez

Art NXT (Next) Level by Sergio Gomez and Yanina Gomez11011744_848946038488191_8764425069756006123_n

This excellent program offers professional development courses for artists at all levels in their art career. From learning effective strategies to maintaining a successful studio practice to creating killer exhibition proposals to move your art forward. Art NXT (Next) Level courses will help you design a practical and well balanced plan to grow your art practice efficiently. Here, you will also find marketing ideas, coaching, strategic sessions and practical advice to live a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. Taking Your Art Career to the Next Level offers tools, resources, business strategies, marketing ideas, coaching, and practical advice to help contemporary artists manage and advance their art careers. It consists of webinars, podcasts, on-site workshops, speaking engagements, technology applications, online resources, eBooks, blogs, and affiliate programs.

These webinars and podcast has been tremendously useful and enlightening. You get to hear other artist and their experiences related to becoming a successful artist. I personally love this program and Sergio and Yanina has done a great job capturing what artist need in becoming a successful artist entrepreneur.


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