I Dream of Jilly from Philly

Portrait of JIll Scott


I must tell you that this was a dream come true. Meeting JIll Scott…a chance to finally meet Jill Scott. The feeling was unimaginable. I’ve always wanted to meet “the woman of my dreams”. It may sound funny to you, but her smile reflects her complete persona. It’s radiant, beautiful, gorgeous, and full of light. I was driving one morning to work and overheard on POWER 92.3 that they were giving opportunities to meet Jill Scott for lunch. This was a chance of a lifetime….I called every hour and every minute wanting to win this opportunity. I was so persistant, I was even told by a co-worker that she felt sorry for me, just give up. She didn’t comprehend that this fire…this desire will not be burned out by a slight blow in the hear. It was a flame…more like a torch that couldn’t be put out.  I continued to call and the phone rang, rang, and rang. Finally,  someone said “Hello”…and I was like ” Hi, I’m calling to inquire about having dinner with Ms. Jill Scott.” The operator stated “You mean the lunch”. “Yeah that’s what i meant” I said. So I was already jumping for joy, and as soon as I got home from work I wanted to do a piece for Ms. Scott to show my love and appreciation. I spent about 8 hours on this piece, and it needed to be done. I wasn’t going to allow time to stop from creating a piece that was so important. JIll Scott I hope you love your portrait, It was an honor and my pleasure. Congrats and I’ll be awaiting your new album “The Light of The Sun” in stores June 21th.

6 thoughts on “I Dream of Jilly from Philly

  1. Marlena B says:

    This is such a beautiful portrait James!

  2. Marlena B. says:

    James, I love this portrait! It’s as beautiful as the artist.

  3. Laquan says:

    i love Jill Scott she so beautiful, and her voice. from artist to artist its is a very beautiful painting it capture all of her beauty. I did like 7 portraits in pencil of her. what did Jill say about the gift? what did yall talk about?

  4. James Nelson says:

    Lajuan I apologize for reply so late, but she was so surprised. She didn’t realize that I was giving it to her. She stated “You’re giving this to me? I said “Yes, I love you. I spent 8 hours doing this for you”. She stated again “This is for me? I again said “YES”. Then she gave me the greatest hug ever….lol.

  5. Tanesha says:

    awwwww, that’s AMAZING!! I love her. and I love YOUR work.

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