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Every Week I’ll be posting new artwork.

I’ve been working on this particular piece and cannot seem to give it a name. I’ve been thinking about it, and my imagination seems to run wild every time I gaze at it. It has some comparison with another piece I created called”Rebelle Naturalle”. It’s almost as if it can tell a story between two sisters or a mother and daughter that shares the same religion, and similar occupation. The only difference would be the choice of lifestyle (hairstyle, fashion, values, and living). Then there’s an epic battle of natural hair versus chemically treated hair. Like the scene in School Days by Spike Lee (love that movie). I find it amazing how even one slight difference in APPEARANCE can cause a debate or even a distinction in a single culture. Anyway, give or lend me your thoughts in finding a name for this piece.  To view some of my work go to and click on paintings.

3 thoughts on “Check out My New Creations

  1. Tanesha says:

    or, same woman “Many faces of me”

  2. Stacy P. says:

    her name is Karma…cant u see it in her eyes? strong yet tender. shes a beautiful work of art yet seemingly vicious. she is a paradox of opposites and intriguing. u think u know her, but u have no idea. Karma indeed.

  3. Ghettofabulous <3 A Young Queen, who knows it all n the ghetto doing her <3

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