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I had the pleasure of interviewing David Anthony at his solo exhibition titled SKIN DEEP at NYCH Art Gallery. David Anthony work is composed of vibrant and illustrative portraits from different walks of his life. The portraits he depicts tell a story. Whether they are of family members, friends, and even just a stranger.  They present  an  influence within his creation process.   He captures the uniqueness of individuals with vivid and bright colors, intricate lines and shapes that expose definition and character. Within all the excitement I was able to get a brief interview with Mr. Geary regarding a piece that immediately caught my eye.

David:  “Wait! Oh! Laughing Did I see a microphone?”

James: Right! This is a beautiful piece…What is the title of this piece?

David: The title of the piece is Madame Monae.

James: What inspired you to do this piece?

David: Most and several of the pieces are actually named after the people that they are images of. This was someone that I just ran across and had a random meeting with and thought they were just incredibly beautiful and I decided to create a piece of work around that. The energy in her is what is being projecting from the piece which display the uniqueness and characteristics of her style. The pieces that are mainly titled after that person are definitely and directly inspired by that person.

James: I see there’s a halo around her head, what does it represent?

David: The halo represents the divinity within us. All of the halos are unique in individuals because we express that differently.

James: And the crown?

David: The crowns represent the royalty and it’s the same thing. That everybody’s (crown/halo) is unique. We’re unique individuals….we express ourselves, and express those characteristics of ourselves differently.

James: The color within the halo represents the uniqueness and characteristic also?

David: Right. The color, sometimes even the texture or the shape of the halo. Some the halos are clean circles some of them have a lot of nuances and textures to them. Some may not be circles at all.

James: Intriguing…I love the colors that you’ve implemented in the piece. Now is that on a wood panel?

David: Yes! It’s on a wood panel…I like painting on a wood panel for two reasons. One, because it doesn’t move when I stroke with the brush. Secondly, I allow the grain and texture of the wood to show through.

James: This piece is really nice and inspiring. And it’s such a beautiful piece. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

David: My pleasure…

David Anthony Artist Talk is on April 28th at the NYCH Art Gallery at 2pm. For more info click on the link to view the details and also reserve your seat to hear his inspiration for his creations. You can view more of Mr. Anthony’s artwork and biography on and also on  Facebook at


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