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Hello everyone, so I’ve been very occupied, and really trying to focus on participating in events.    So I saw an artist call event on Craiglist (which is another great resource for artist) located in the artist community section.  I clicked on the link and it directed me to a Special Event Management page.  I began to read the description about the event and it directed me to another link.   So finally, I was brought to a website called ZAPP®. This site basically enables you as an artist to apply to multiple events in your local area. There are no fees to sign up, it’s totally free. I thought this was an amazing resource. Especially for those artist looking for an event to sell, get exposure, and network amongst the hundreds or thousands of people.  Of course to participate in these spectacular events you must pay a fee for a booth.  Now, if there’s no indication in the description that you cannot share a booth.  Call a fellow artist and share the booth by splitting the rental fee. There’s nothing like sharing. So check out the site, sign up, and give it a whirl. 




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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! We’re glad you found out about and appreciate your letting other artists know about this resource. Each of the 600+ events across the U.S. that use our application collection system for art shows (fairs and festival settings where artists sell direct to buyers in a booth setting) uploads their own info, creates their applications, and sets their own rules – including if booth sharing is a-ok or not. There are a ton of shows in the Chicagoland area that are on ZAPP® so we hope it’s a tool that you and your readers find helpful! Cheers!

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