Marwen Foundation

Marwen educates and inspires under-served young people through the visual arts.

Founded in 1987, Marwen is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the development of Chicago’s under-served youth in grades 6–12 through free visual arts, college planning, and career preparation programs. In a typical year, students from 54 of the city’s 57 zip codes and from more than 220 schools travel to Marwen, where they work under the guidance of professional teaching artists to build high-level technical, creative, and communication skills.

Marwen offers a regular roster of college preparation courses and workshops, an intensive pre-college summer program, study trips to college campuses across the country, and unlimited individualized counseling sessions. Other opportunities for Marwen students include art-based career planning courses and workshops, paid employment opportunities, an internship program that provides on-the-job training, and an annual career day during which students meet professionals from a broad spectrum of fields, including architecture, graphic design, arts education, and filmmaking.

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