Are you part of the “CLIQUE”?

Illuminate   Local Chicago Artist James Nelson is capturing the controversial Hip Hop artist Kanye West in this piece called “Illuminate”. This piece will be featured in his first Solo Exhibit on January 11th at the NYCH Art Gallery x Robotic Minds Collaborative located in the Art District Area at 643 S. 18th street.This work is composed of mixed media on a wood panel which gives this painting an illustrative street art look. This piece was inspired by Kanye Wests’ verse in his song “Clique”. Kanye states in his lyrics…

He asked me about my Maybach, think he had the same
Except mine tinted and his might have been rented

You know white people get money, don’t spend it
Or maybe they get money, buy a business
I rather buy 80 gold chains and go ign’ant
I know Spike Lee gone kill me but let me finish

Blame it on the pigment, we living no limits

This piece is called “Illuminate” to bring awareness and enlightenment to our social economic structures. Not to be offensive, but I’ve seen and witness where money tends to go to, and it’s not based upon needs. This concept and mentality has been poured into the African American culture for generations. The”hood rich”scene has been gazed and fascinated upon through the youth in our communities. We love and admire luxurious items in our possessions, but who doesn’t. We envy and follow celebrities from their everyday lives in social media and television shows. We’d rather seek material gain than gain spiritual awareness or enlightenment.  We’ll purchase a car with 22″inch rims for flamboyancy, instead of investing in ourselves, or in our future.

I can go on and on about this behavior that causes distractions in our everyday lives. Let’s re-evaluate or reassess our needs. Instead of using the money we receive to purchase unnecessary materials. INVEST in a potential business that can help you achieve a happier lifestyle. Or better yet, INVEST in your potential (your gift)….Your GOD given abilities. Invest in acquiring more knowledge about how to use your gifts to obtain true happiness. Happiness isn’t gained by having 80 Gold Chains, or a Maybach. In the words of late Bernie Mac “Who you Wit?'”. Who and what clique are you with? Maybe the real question is How will you invest in yourself?