MUSICAL MAJESTIC ARTISTRY at it’s finest. Soulful Artistry Adam Guichard



MUSICAL MAJESTIC ARTISTRY at it’s finest. Artist like myself (James Nelson), Adam Guichard, Paul Branton, Darno Demby, Angelica London, Adrienne Powers, Lindsey Bates, Damon Hendricks and Martha Wade celebrated African American influence on music through canvas. there were many works that portrayed the theme of this exquisite event. The venue, the Grand Ballroom, located at 6351 S. Cottage Grove was classical and elegant. There was live painting by Martha Wade and Adrienne Powers. Also, there was of course great music. Lindsey Bates wrote on his Facebook page “Day one of Music Majesty. Powerful Art, Wonderful artist, Gorgeous space, Amazing people, Jammin sounds, people dancing, and flowing drinks!!!” I couldn’t have said it any better. There’s a descent response of consumers entering throughout the night. Also, a brief artist talk was given by each artist. Which captured their history, inspirations, and love for the arts. This was a terrific and exciting event for me. I was able to gain more insight regarding this new career, network with other artist, and sell my work.