Rumble Young man Rumble


Hello All,

This morning I’m in my o1597494_622268121203560_674203880_nffice sitting behind a desk staring at a Dell monitor, typing and wondering…Why? Why am I sitting here? Again! While I am sitting here I perform a list of task such as accumulating staff time, conducting payroll, monitoring budgets, ¬†filing, implementing and running an employment program for a wonderful agency. This agency has an amazing staff…and they work hard. They deserve more…working in the non for profit sector you work for the greater good of your community. You make a difference in individuals lives.

However, I’m viewing my greater purpose and potential. I know that I should be picking up a paint brush, stroking a canvas with bright, vibrant colors that will bring life and influence the next individual to want to create. I will create a valuable piece of artwork that will connect to not just hundreds of people, but thousands and maybe even millions. My art(creations) will be my way of connecting to source, the world, and the people that in it.

Therefore you have Power to Overcomethe power to overcome your situation that holding you captive. Do not blame your circumstances, instead implement a strategic plan, fight, and battle through these obstacles that keep you from true happiness. ¬†Muhammad Ali battled through hate, segregation, prejudices, and discrimination. He became the World Heavyweight Champion. Just imagine what you can become overlooking your obstacles and crowning your achievements and goals. Speak the power of affirmations…YOU ARE A CHAMPION! YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!


My point is work hard for the greatest investment of your career…YOUR HAPPINESS.