Soulful Artistry

Beyond Color Exhibit at the HARLEM FINE ARTS SHOW in Chicago

The Beyond Color Exhibit & Soulful Artistry will be at the HARLEM FINE ARTS SHOW in Chicago

Beyond Color
October 29 – November 1
The Harlem Fine Arts Show – Chicago
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago IL 60654

“I never had an occasion to question color.  Therefore, I only saw myself as what I was – a human being.” ~ Sidney Portier

Chicago is a beautifully diverse city, and possibly the most segregated in the United States.  Galleryna19 invited artists of AllUsWe + Collaborative Mavericks, Inc. – Art Collectives to create works of art looking beyond race and color to tell stories in bold black, white, and grey tones.  The Beyond Color exhibit displays a figurative, literal, and thematic inspiration of transcending color.  Beyond Color is beyond NOW, ushering in an era of artists who challenge everything!

The message is clear, contemporary and fresh.  This presentation features original expressive artistic interpretations of 27 artists living and working in a city of neighborhoods.  The artists reveal light, shadows, and changing tones.  Beyond Color tells the story of common ground, culture and heritage.  It is a visual representation of the wonder and complexity of the ­human experience.

Can you see beyond color?

Featured Artists
Brian Dovie Golden
Dana Todd Pope
Darren Pollard
David Anthony Geary
Dayo Laoye
Fanta Celah
Fred Bridges
Janice Bond
James Nelson
Jen Furlong
Kudzai B. Mutasa
Martha A. Wade
Max Sansing
Minnie Watkins
Oscar Lester
Preston Thomas
Pearlie Taylor
Paul Branton
Phillip Scott
Reynaldo Ferdinand
Rhonda Grey
Robert Lewis Clark
Roger Carter
Tia Etu
Walter Lobyn Hamilton
Yemonja Smalls

Exhibit Curators
David Anthony Geary
Martha A. Wade
Reisha Williams

Artist Outreach
Dana Todd Pope


Thursday, October 29th
6PM – 10PM Opening Night Cocktail Reception benefiting North Shore (IL) Chapter, The Links Incorporated
Live Jazz will be provided

Friday October 29th
9AM – Art Exhibition Opens
9AM – 3PM Youth Empowerment Day (Closed to the Public)
6PM – 10PM HFAS Salutes African American Business Leaders
Live Jazz will be provided

Saturday 10AM – 10PM
10AM – Until Close Art Exhibition Opens
1PM – 4PM Author’s Pavilion
2PM – 4PM Art Lecture Series
4PM – 6PM Discussion on the “Lake” – Panel discussion on Social Justice and Race in America
7p – Until Close Masquerade Ball Steppin’ Show competition

Sunday 12PM – 6PM
12PM – 6PM HFAS Sale and Exhibition with A Gospel and JazzBrunch


To create a platform for artists of all genres as well as non-artists to empower themselves through culture, ideas, and the arts around the world.

A future where the arts and sciences are equally valued and professionals in both fields are given the necessary resources to succeed.

The Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) is the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States. Since its inception in 2009, HFAS has had over 60,000+ visitors, traveled to 10+ cities as well as showcased 100+ artists and galleries.

As the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States, HFAS prides itself on its uncanny ability to bring people of all different backgrounds together to celebrate fine arts of the African Diaspora. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, HFAS provides a platform for African Diasporic visionaries as well as American visual artists to exhibit and sell their artwork. The Harlem Fine Arts Show has also created economic empowerment, educational opportunities, and professional recognition within the multicultural community.

As the Harlem Fine Arts Show honors its past and embraces the history of now, HFAS will continue to impact communities and shape the future of the fine art world.



The Wade Foundation Artwork

Juan Teague-Kirkman, Director of BT & Entertainment at the Hard Rock Hotel commissioned a piece for the Wade Foundation. After meeting Juan at the Listening Party for Janelle Monae she stated that she had a job for me. We exchanged contact information and we were able to discuss the matter of the “job “. I kindly followed up with a message and text regarding the artwork she wanted done.  She asked “Can you do a painting of Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade), his mom and sister (Tragil Wade @tragilwade)?”.  She thought that it will be such a great gift to the Wade foundation for the outstanding services they provide to our youth.  Within a time frame or deadline of a 1 day this piece was completed in 9 hours. You’re familiar with the phrase

“You can do anything if you out your Mind to it” 

This quote is SO true. Anything is life is attainable…


The Wades promotes this same phrase. According to the mission of the Wade World Foundation. The organization (WWF) provide support to various educational, health and family service programs, particularly those that benefit under served communities.

Founded in 2003, Wade’s World Foundation stands on the shoulders of its’ central purpose of promoting the education of children/youth and its’ three focus initiatives of literacy, health and fatherhood. Understanding that his life is bigger than basketball, Dwyane is a firm believer and supporter of the foundation’s motto “Every Child Deserves a Shot.” By primarily servicing the at-risk communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the South Florida region, Wade’s World Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities that enable children to overcome challenges, excel academically, and reach their maximum potential.

For more information on the Wade’s World Foundation please go to their website at

Natural Born Artist are RAW!!!!!

RAW Showcase is amazing, and its an exciting and overwhelming display of creativity in one room. FASHION | MUSIC | VISUAL ART | PHOTOGRAPHY | PERFORMING ART | MAKEUP | HAIR | ACCESSORIES | FILM.  I have the pleasure and opportunity to be one of the Next Featured Artist in the RAW Showcase on September.5th at the Double Door. Here are some of the other artist that’s displaying their impeccable skills sets.

Red & Reckless
Isaiah Grass
chicago-translations-1Morris Mills
The Fireside Silhouettes
Urban Twang

Lilith Moon
Judah & The Spoox

Cranky Pickle
April Montiel
Varon Osorio

Peri Monday
Tracy Rolkosky
Bass Structures
Voodoo Paint
Arturo Fresan
Lee Huttner
Emily Hufford
James Nelson
Kate Goodwillie
Natalia Virafuentes
Jesus Monsivais
Kate Tillman
Tim L
Dana Todd Pope

Aubrey Rose
Gracie Hagen
Britt Fowler
Tony Jacobs
Derrick Alexander

Directed by: Kara J. Coraci
RAW Team: John Cousert, Anthony Rizzo, Victoria Messina, Maddy Willms, Nicole Verheye


RAW:natural born artists ( is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. RAW operates identically in over 60 cities internationally and in Australia!

Each month we hand-select and feature approximately 30 local, up-and-coming creatives in one big showcase including a giant pop-up art gallery, music performances, fashion shows, performing arts, a host, DJ, cash bar, and more. Come check out some of the hottest indie talent Chicago has to offer!

Want to apply to be a RAW Chicago artist? Go to and submit a profile for review by our local director!


Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60622

View Map · Get Directions

To buy tickets: $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door

ZAPP into Events in your Area…

Hello everyone, so I’ve been very occupied, and really trying to focus on participating in events.    So I saw an artist call event on Craiglist (which is another great resource for artist) located in the artist community section.  I clicked on the link and it directed me to a Special Event Management page.  I began to read the description about the event and it directed me to another link.   So finally, I was brought to a website called ZAPP®. This site basically enables you as an artist to apply to multiple events in your local area. There are no fees to sign up, it’s totally free. I thought this was an amazing resource. Especially for those artist looking for an event to sell, get exposure, and network amongst the hundreds or thousands of people.  Of course to participate in these spectacular events you must pay a fee for a booth.  Now, if there’s no indication in the description that you cannot share a booth.  Call a fellow artist and share the booth by splitting the rental fee. There’s nothing like sharing. So check out the site, sign up, and give it a whirl. 




Artist are you being Harassed…

The piece I have above is called ” More Than A Woman”. It’s a piece that conveys a message about how women are being harassed by strangers in the streets. Which occurs on a daily basis. I’ve seen young men call young girls everything besides their name. This creates a process of lowering someone self esteem, productivity, and behavior. Which leads me to my article about harassment.

So I’ve been picked on (harassed) every since childhood due to my vivid imagination. I was always talked about because I actually thought I had super human strength, or made strange noises, and even (I love this one) fought the wind (I’d prefer practicing karate). Anyways, I was that guy. I never thought that having an imagination was a big concern. However, growing up on the west side of Chicago was a huge difference than being up north. Then again, being a black male up north wasn’t all that exciting either. But let’s stay focused on being an artistically comical fun driven young teen raised in the “hood”.

It was different…well I was different to my peers. I talked, dressed, and my behavior was different. I perceived and noticed the difference so I decided to blend in…. or at least try.  While everyone was wearing Karl Kani Jeans, Pelle Pelle, and “Jordans”. I was wearing a Payless shoe brand called “HEADS”. I even went so far as to draw the Karl Kani logo on a pair of khakis. It was only until I began to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Graffiti Bubble letters that pulled me into the in crowd.  I was accepted more willingly every time I drew something that my peers could relate to.  It was good feeling of relief… a sense of comfort (fitting in).

In these times who wants to fit in? This is the age of trendsetting, doing your own thing…more like trendscending. This is not an error in spelling either. Trendscending is to go beyond and surpass the current trends.  @Fulltime_Khanyi said it best on his blog at

Go Above, Go Beyond, Onto The Next Level, Make It To The Highest

  • Trend Setter: A leader of the pack who has a sense of Fashion, Style, Music.  Someone who everyone else follows.
  • Transcend: To be greater than standard, unity, truth, and goodness.

Trendsetter + Transcend = TrendScend

Follow him and his blog: @Fulltime_Khanyi

Many individuals have a fear to do something different or irregular. So they criticize and judge. It’s displeasing to hear some of the critiques I hear on a daily basis. Especially within the workplace. So I did some research and there are laws that protect those from being harassed…it’s called Workplace Harassment. This is a federal law and if  violated by a co-worker or manager could led to termination. Unlawful harassment is a form of discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal authority.

This information called be viewed on So my artist friends if you’re being harassed because of your attire, hairstyle, speech, etc. Please inform that person that if they persist. You’re going to tell your manager on them. HA!

LOVE to SIN…Right?


This piece created by LoSIN Teecal Chicago Artist James Nelson is called “LOVE to SIN”. This piece will be featured in his first Solo Exhibit on January 11th at the NYCH Art Gallery x Robotic Minds Collaborative located in the Art District Area at 643 S. 18th street.This work is composed of Acrylic on Canvas..

“We Hate the Devil, but we Love to Sin” are the words inscribed in the background. In order to see these words it must to “Illuminated” with a light source of course. In my journey of spirituality or seeking GOD, I’ve experience such a massive degree of separation with religion(s). It bothered me that when we (humanity) seek a divine relationship with an Omnipresence or Universal entity there’s a catch. In Christianity you must accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Believing this you are “saved or delivered”. Then you must be baptized. Why is this necessary to do in order to have a connection with GOD. WHY?

Also, (quick thought) if you SIN you’re going to HELL. That’s scary isn’t it? Raised in the church seeing images of fiery flames on my skin, and demons tearing me limb from limb everyday. PLEASE SAVE ME NOW!!!! This doctrine that promotes FEAR and CONTROL also disturbs me but that’s another topic.

I have came to understand that the “Universal GOD” dwells within me and in every one of us. We have a choice to believe this and know that we have the same abilities of creation as the creator. The power of manifestation through in us all.

Are you part of the “CLIQUE”?

Illuminate   Local Chicago Artist James Nelson is capturing the controversial Hip Hop artist Kanye West in this piece called “Illuminate”. This piece will be featured in his first Solo Exhibit on January 11th at the NYCH Art Gallery x Robotic Minds Collaborative located in the Art District Area at 643 S. 18th street.This work is composed of mixed media on a wood panel which gives this painting an illustrative street art look. This piece was inspired by Kanye Wests’ verse in his song “Clique”. Kanye states in his lyrics…

He asked me about my Maybach, think he had the same
Except mine tinted and his might have been rented

You know white people get money, don’t spend it
Or maybe they get money, buy a business
I rather buy 80 gold chains and go ign’ant
I know Spike Lee gone kill me but let me finish

Blame it on the pigment, we living no limits

This piece is called “Illuminate” to bring awareness and enlightenment to our social economic structures. Not to be offensive, but I’ve seen and witness where money tends to go to, and it’s not based upon needs. This concept and mentality has been poured into the African American culture for generations. The”hood rich”scene has been gazed and fascinated upon through the youth in our communities. We love and admire luxurious items in our possessions, but who doesn’t. We envy and follow celebrities from their everyday lives in social media and television shows. We’d rather seek material gain than gain spiritual awareness or enlightenment.  We’ll purchase a car with 22″inch rims for flamboyancy, instead of investing in ourselves, or in our future.

I can go on and on about this behavior that causes distractions in our everyday lives. Let’s re-evaluate or reassess our needs. Instead of using the money we receive to purchase unnecessary materials. INVEST in a potential business that can help you achieve a happier lifestyle. Or better yet, INVEST in your potential (your gift)….Your GOD given abilities. Invest in acquiring more knowledge about how to use your gifts to obtain true happiness. Happiness isn’t gained by having 80 Gold Chains, or a Maybach. In the words of late Bernie Mac “Who you Wit?'”. Who and what clique are you with? Maybe the real question is How will you invest in yourself?

I Dream of Jilly from Philly

Portrait of JIll Scott


I must tell you that this was a dream come true. Meeting JIll Scott…a chance to finally meet Jill Scott. The feeling was unimaginable. I’ve always wanted to meet “the woman of my dreams”. It may sound funny to you, but her smile reflects her complete persona. It’s radiant, beautiful, gorgeous, and full of light. I was driving one morning to work and overheard on POWER 92.3 that they were giving opportunities to meet Jill Scott for lunch. This was a chance of a lifetime….I called every hour and every minute wanting to win this opportunity. I was so persistant, I was even told by a co-worker that she felt sorry for me, just give up. She didn’t comprehend that this fire…this desire will not be burned out by a slight blow in the hear. It was a flame…more like a torch that couldn’t be put out.  I continued to call and the phone rang, rang, and rang. Finally,  someone said “Hello”…and I was like ” Hi, I’m calling to inquire about having dinner with Ms. Jill Scott.” The operator stated “You mean the lunch”. “Yeah that’s what i meant” I said. So I was already jumping for joy, and as soon as I got home from work I wanted to do a piece for Ms. Scott to show my love and appreciation. I spent about 8 hours on this piece, and it needed to be done. I wasn’t going to allow time to stop from creating a piece that was so important. JIll Scott I hope you love your portrait, It was an honor and my pleasure. Congrats and I’ll be awaiting your new album “The Light of The Sun” in stores June 21th.