The Electric Lady “JANELLE MONAE”

Janelle Monae was as the Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson would put it “Electrifying” at her Listening Party. It was more like a private concert, but even more like a house party. The connection and energy was so high. Dancing with Janelle was quite similar to like dancing with your buddies at a birthday celebration. She suggested that everyone wears socks or no shoes to dance with her on the turf. This suggestion led to a more intimate and wonderful connection with her vibrant energy.  Her new album “The Electric Lady” hits the stores September 10th with featured artist Prince, Erykah Badu, Miguel, Solange, Esperanza Spalding, Big Boi and Cee-Lo Green.

Also, to view the process of how I created the artwork for Janelle Monae click on the instagram icon to view my page.


Check out her recent and offical video featuring Erykah Badu entitled “Q.U.E.E.N.”













BLICK Huge Sale in April

DICKBLICK. I know that name sounds very funny, but let me tell you. BLICK  is the artist supply dreamland. I was driving and calling all over Chicago to get a pair Canvas Pliers. Now if you’re stretching your own canvas, this tool is sincerely needed. You can use your bare hands, but the canvas will not be tight enough.

So I called one of my favorite stores…Hobby Lobby.  I kindly asked the representative if they sold canvas pliers for stretching canvas. She stated that they did not sell that item, but we do have canvas. Then I called Michaels, and I was 90% sure that they had what I needed so I went to Michaels without even calling. And with great disappointment, another one of my favorite stores did not have the item I was looking for. So something clicked in my mind and said BLICK! Let’s see what has to offer. I first called that New location on SAIC Campus. The representative told me that they didn’t sell it. However, the location downtown sells it. So I thought again about the Michaels scenario, and was thinking about the previous disappointment. Then my next option would be to search on Ebay or Amazon for the most affordable price, then wait about a week to receive the product.  So my first thought was To Hell with waiting….I want these pliers NOW!

So I drove to the downtown location on 42 S. State St. OMG!!!!! I was in Art Heaven…this place has everything a successful artist need. They have an overwhelming array of merchandise on the first and upper level. I was AMAZED….paints, canvas, brushes, projectors, wood panels, easels, and of course canvas pliers. Also, they are having a Mega Sale called the  BLICK Spring SALE. Paints will be 30-60% OFF. BLICK Museum Canvas 70% OFF. Selected Easels up to 70% Off. They are also having a FREE Class on Stretching Canvas.  Before I forget, while I was writing I just remembered how this thought came to mind about BLICK. I was having an art chat with Martha Wade. You can also check out her phenomenal work on her blog at Thank you Martha.  So please check out or find a local store in your area and be astonished. I know I was…

Check out My New Creations

Every Week I’ll be posting new artwork.

I’ve been working on this particular piece and cannot seem to give it a name. I’ve been thinking about it, and my imagination seems to run wild every time I gaze at it. It has some comparison with another piece I created called”Rebelle Naturalle”. It’s almost as if it can tell a story between two sisters or a mother and daughter that shares the same religion, and similar occupation. The only difference would be the choice of lifestyle (hairstyle, fashion, values, and living). Then there’s an epic battle of natural hair versus chemically treated hair. Like the scene in School Days by Spike Lee (love that movie). I find it amazing how even one slight difference in APPEARANCE can cause a debate or even a distinction in a single culture. Anyway, give or lend me your thoughts in finding a name for this piece.  To view some of my work go to and click on paintings.